About my Blogs

In my life, I have done 3 blogs, all with different ideas in mind reflecting what was going on in my life. Below is a brief summary of each about the timeframes they were from. Anything from the older blogs will have an “originally posted” date on them. Also, I seriously hate WordPress blog options, so I apologize for how it is currently working.

My life according to what I made it.

So, this was my very first attempt at a blog. I was a stay at home mom and was desperately trying to find my place. I only did 4 posts under this title. The first 2 were funny, the next 2, not so much. I do believe it was shortly after the last one I discovered I was pregnant with my youngest, which could be why I decided to break. It got kinda dark kinda fast. Lasted between 2009-2010 with the description of “This is me. Where I cam from and what I did.” This is where it all started.

Sometimes life sucks and sometimes it doesn’t

I had 2 kids, was stuck at home and miserable. This blog lasted the longest and had the most posts, so it reflects the most changes in my life. Lasted between 2011 – 2015 with the description of “My attempt to be that woman in the sexy librarian glasses, drinking a glass a wine and being put together, witty, smart, charming and sophisticated.” Starting at the beginning of this series definitely takes you on a ride.

Midwest Nerd Chick

This is obviously still going, but the tone has changed from the original intent. When I started it in March of 2017, it was to write about my struggles of dating and trying to freelance here with the original description of “Join me as I try to start a new career, date, and raise a family, all while living the in the middle of nowhere Kansas.” My goals in life have changed but I can honestly say I have found who I am in Midwest Nerd Chick, so the title stays and we will see what the future brings. This was the start of me embracing who I am.