Why I Don’t Wanna Live on This Planet Anymore

Why I Don’t Wanna Live on This Planet Anymore

Originally posted 11/6/11

The current generation of youth scares the hell out of me. And I think when they get old enough to actually be in charge of things, I may just kill myself. Here are my top 10 reasons why.

1. They think Justin Bieber is actually a good musician (this alone is enough to make me weep each night for the fate of the world)

2. That when asked a very important question through email, text, or FB you get the resulting IDK LOL!!! as an answer…

3. That young girls think that acting obnoxiously stupid is an attractive quality and that it actually is, is very, very scary and sad.

4. That their relationship status changes at least once a week, and it always is either “I am so in love!!!!” or “My heart is broken but I won’t become hard to this world”

5. They can’t spell even simple words. And when this is pointed out to them they laugh it off (please refer to item number 3. This seems to explain it)

6. They all seem to think that they have the worst lives that ever existed and that nobody has ever suffered like they have. Usually, this is announced when something happens along the lines of “Got in trouble for not doing something I was supposed to” “Phone broke” “I was completely irresponsible and stupid but I still don’t see why I have I have to suffer the consequences for it”

7. They have an obsession with name brand things. They will complain they are broke, poor, and can’t pay their bills but then will proudly show off one item that probably cost more than my electric bill, just because it is a certain brand.

8. They show no interest in learning about things older than them. They have the entire internet at their fingertips, but when you reference something from before they are born, they say something along the lines of “Well how am I suppose to know that, I wasn’t born yet”

9. They will add “LOL” to the end of the last statement.

10. Each and every young person I know that reads this will assume I am talking specifically about them. But instead of maybe taking some of it to heart, they will become extremely offended and think I am a horrible mean hearted person.

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