Tips on Painting

Tips on Painting

Originally posted  6/5/11

Ok so I am a smart woman. I can rebuild an engine, play multiple musical instruments, and I gave birth so at this point in my life I am pretty confident I can do anything. So I decided to paint my kitchen cabinets by myself, no prob. I have painted before. Well today I learned a few things. Here they are.

1. the blue painters tape does NOT stick to ANYTHING. Unless of course is curls up and then it sticks to itself so you can’t unravel it.

2. No matter how many drop clothes you lay down you will drip paint on the floor. And since it dripped in a spot you didn’t think it would you will not notice until you step in it and walk all around the house and get footprints everywhere.

3.Do not, under any circumstances, scratch your nose while holding the paint brush. you will paint your head.

4. Always paint top to bottom or you will end up leaning against something you just painted.

5. Ignore lesson 4 if you are doing the underside of the upper cabinets. You will end up hitting your head on the door you left open to dry.

6. Lock up all animals. They will step in you paint tray and make a mess. If you put up a gate that will only stop the dog. Your ever so graceful cats will jump it, and somehow trip at the top (even though you have used this gate for over a year) and fall into the cabinet you just painted.

7. Again lock up all animals. The cats will think that since you are on the floor that you want to pet them. If you continue to ignore them they will rub up again the cabinet you just painted and start to look like that cat from pepe le pu.

8. Take off the hardware from the cabinets before you start painting. It seems obvious but you forget, then you think “hey if I am careful it will be ok” It will never be ok

9. Never drink while painting. You can always tell where you started drinking and at what point when you had too much.

10. If you ignore lessons 1 thru 8 go ahead and ignore 9 so you don’t care at the end.

11. Have your husband do it. That’s why you got married. And while he learns lessons 1-9 you can just go ahead to lesson 10.

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