The Radar

The Radar

Originally posted 5/28/11

Children have a special sort of radar to know the exact moment to make your life that much harder. This is scientifically proven. Here are the 5 examples of this

1. When you run into the store and don’t bring the diaper bag because you are only grabbing one thing. This is when your little sweety will have such a massive poop that covers their back, legs, and the shopping cart they were in.

2. When you get all dressed up in some fancy clothes they will throw up on you (or pee, or poop. Remember your 3 P’s) I have learned to put on all nice clothes at the last possible second AFTER I have kissed my children goodbye.

3. They get sick/hurt on the weekend. You are left with 2 choices: take them in for a huge ER bill or spend the whole weekend telling yourself that the giant lump protruding from your child’s arm is not bone, it’s supposed to look like that.

4. The moment you have had your glass of wine, your husband is snuggled in close to you and leans in for a kiss, one of them will wake up crying…or both.

5. They know when you are too tired to care. Be it you are pregnant, sick, or just plain exhausted they know. And they will take full advantage of this. This is when they will do everything just short of murder and you are just so tired you let them as long as they are leaving you alone. Heck, sometimes you just start chucking candy at them just so they will leave you alone and be quiet for awhile.

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