So, You Got my Business Card

Originally posted 5/30/18

***Update, I am no longer doing this Ennovar Software. It is a long story, don’t ask, at this point I am still employed there, it is just no longer Ennovar Software.***


I am betting you have met me at some tech event and I handed you this awesome looking business card while saying I worked on campus. And now that you are here at my site, trying to figure out how this blog is connected to WSU. Or maybe I gave you this card and told you specifically not to come here, but you did anyway, you little rebel you.

Let me just start by saying hello and welcome. You have met me at a very strange and interesting transition in my life. Hopefully, I can get you up to speed and connected to where you want to be by guessing the questions you have.

Ummmm, so where do you work again? 

I work for Ennovar Software on WSU campus. We are an applied learning institute that hires WSU students and train them on how to be a real-world software developer.

Ok, what is Ennovar Software?

Ennovar Software gets real clients who are needing some sort of software created, be it a website, mobile app, or some other technology that needs some sort of programming behind it.  Because the employees of Ennovar Software are still students or programmers in training, we are able to provide discounted rates for the clients but because we are able to put all of our focus on building the team and training, the final product is just as good as what you would from more expensive companies or freelancers.

So, how is this tied to your business card?

Well, technically, it isn’t.

Ok, so why not just give me an Ennovar Software Business card?

Because at the moment, I don’t have one! *Que dramatic music* I am technically just a Jr. Software Developer at Ennovar Software, just like the rest of my co-workers. I just so happen to be standing in front of you promoting Ennovar and really needed to get my contact information out there quickly.

Does Ennovar Software know you are doing this?

Yes, right now we have had a change of directors, so things are a bit up in the air. But, we still need to get our name out there, get clients, and just promote who we are. We don’t actually have anyone in that role, so Ennovar needed someone to get out there quickly. And when you are the loud, outgoing person in a room of programmers, you get elected to go out and talk to people on the fly. So, I had to pass out what I had!

Ok, so what is Midwest Nerd Chick?

I am! Part of what I love doing is connecting people. (See the above question) and I decided on a side project, and I want to create a podcast and site that does that. Pretty much my podcast is going to be either talking about what sort of awesome, STEM-related activities are going on around Wichita and interviewing different people in the community to see where people can get connected to learn these things.

But your site so doesn’t do that, and it kinda sucks.

Hey, no need to be rude here, I know it isn’t the best. But did you read about the whole single mom thing?! And when you create websites all day long, the last thing you really want to do when you get home is work on your own. But, it is coming and it is changing and it is going to be so awesome when it is finally done!

Ok, fine. Sorry! What should I do now?

Well, if you are interested in learning more about Ennovar Software, you can check out their site here ***(No, no you can’t)***. If you are needing something built and created, you can either go there, you email me directly. I can set up a meeting and go over pricing with you. If you want to find out what Midwest Nerd Chick is planning, leave a comment or a message, and hopefully, that will push me to hurry up and get things in order and publish the first couple podcast I have done.

So, I hope that clears things up!! If not, let me know, and I can hopefully answer your questions a bit better, one on one. Thanks for looking at my business card.

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