Oh my god, I am actually doing this

Originally posted 5/12/17

So here I am. Currently sitting on a patio, laptop in front of me, beer to my right, and panic in my chest. After months of saying I was going to create a personal site, I am actually doing it. And what set me off the deep edge you ask? Maybe it’s the fact I have been unemployed for way too long. Maybe it’s the end of another relationship that caused it. Maybe it’s the need to leave an imprint on the world. Or maybe it’s the fact I am currently contemplating working for GameStop as I haven’t been able to land a programming job that has an actual income. Probably the last one is the biggest, but definitely, all of these things are factors. So, here is my first post. It is short and brief. Mostly hoping to get a bit of content on here so I can play with my WordPress skills a bit more. And if you are a potential employer (If I ever actually ever share this) I hope that this shows that I am more willing to take a risk and try new things. Or you can check out my Github here and you can see some actual work I have done.

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