In 3…2…1!

In 3…2…1!

Originally posted 7/27/18

It’s happening!! At the end of this week, this site is going to be changing and will be my official business! What does that mean? I have no idea. But I am excited and I hope you are too. But what does it all mean?!?!

1.) I am starting my podcast, Finally!!

I will be not only interviewing amazing people around the ICT, but I will also be talking about my life, my struggles, and ideas I have. It will all revolve around STEM and business, non-profits, and ideas that support that here in the ICT. (And yes, I need people to interview)

2.) All of my blogs will be in one spot!

Do you know I have had 3 different blogs in my life? So I am putting them all in one spot, as they are leading up to who I am today.

3.) I am now for hire!!

Yes, you can hire me!! Be it for motivational speaking, promotion for your upcoming STEM/Nerdy event, or you need someone to help you talk to your programmer, I can help. It took me a long to realize that my skills to talk and my love for helping are actually things that people need and thus, I am beginning an official Freelancer.

4.) Midwest Nerd Chick is a business.

And it’s time I treat it like that. Which means I give it some TLC and attention. Don’t worry, it will still be fun and I will still make my horrible puns on here, but I just will make sure that is a priority in my life!

So for my 2 followers, just know I will be leaving and I hope you follow me! The web address won’t change, just if you are subscribed to me, you will have to resubscribe to the new one. And I really, REALLY hope you do.

And if you are new here, just wait for this Friday. It’s going to be amazing and I love the look of the new site and I am excited about what will come of it. I hope you all tag along!

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