How Motherhood has Changed Me

How Motherhood Has Changed Me

Originally posted 5/13/12

I have never been much of a Susie homemaker kinda girl. Instead of an easy bake oven as a little girl, I had Dinosaur Mountain. My idea of gourmet cooking while single was hamburger helper. After I got together with Michael, our 2nd Christmas together HE got the really fancy pots and pan set and I got a Craftsman toolkit. But motherhood has changed this.

1. I actually want to go to a kitchen gadget store AND I know what most of the things do. Before I just assumed everything was torture devices you used on your husband when he pissed you off while cooking.

2. I have a wish list of kitchen items including but not limited to muffin tin set (yes, I need more than one), some sort of carrier for my cake and cupcakes, and different containers the different flours that I use. I think the fact I have different flours makes me cry the most.

3. I make things from scratch. And I mean from scratch. Pumpkin pies with fresh pumpkin, real sweet potato casserole. Hell, I even bake my own bread. And if anyone ever tells me you can’t tell the difference, or worse, says store bought is better, remember, I am now very talented with large kitchen knives.

4. I used to have to call Michael at work if I was (attempting) to cook because I had no freakin clue where anything was. Now, not only do I know where everything is, I become very pissy when I go to reach for things and they are not where they should be. I guess I should tell him to read the last sentence of number 3 next time he puts something away wrong.

5. I don’t use recipes anymore. I now look at a recipe, decide I don’t agree with most of the ingredients and make it my own way. Because, when you rock the kitchen like this mom does, you don’t need a recipe.

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