Assault with a blunt object.

Assault with a blunt object.

Originally Posted 5/16/09

So my stylist finally convinces me to give the haircut a couple days. She would call me to see how it was working. I pay for my haircut and walk out the door to my car. I peek back at the salon to see if I am being spied upon. (She did say she would watch to make sure that I wasn’t just going to try and put it back up) I flip down my visor I look at this mass that is now my hair. I am horrified to realize that my hair is so huge that I have to lean my head from side to side just to see all of it. I take a deep breath and with a calm, I don’t feel, I started the car and headed towards Wal-Mart.

I pull into the parking lot and get out of my car. I now feel that everyone is staring at me. I grab a cart and start walking the aisles. I have to be careful though. I feel as though my hair is sticking out so far that if I turn too fast I could take someone out. I find myself looking at other people’s hair. I am trying to find someone, anyone with hair like mine. But all I can see is people with thin straight hair or the hair in nice neat buns. I start to panic. What have I done. How could I possibly think that my hair could be cute like this? My left arm is going numb and I am sure the heart attack is about to strike when ahead of me a see a woman with a mane like mine. I start angling closer to see what kind of woman this is. Is she well put together. Does she look as terrified as me. I get closer, holding my breath and, and…it’s a teenage boy with his mom.

I get all my shopping done and paid. On my way out there is a small family. They are speaking in a language i cannot understand. At one point the man looks back in my direction and turns to his family and in big, exaggerated jesters starts encircling his arms around his head like he is describing the sun or moon. He is laughing and smiling. I assume he is talking about my hair. My heart drops, and hang my head and try low crawling to my car so I can’t be seen. Once there, I duck to clear my door. I think I might even need to lower the seat so my hair fits.

Now for the real test. My husband. This is the man who loves my hair long and always has to run his fingers through it. I am wondering how he will act. I pull in the drive and am greeted by my dog. My husband soon follows. I hold my breath and wait for the reaction. I can tell he is trying to fathom what the heck is on my head. He then realizes that I haven’t joined the circus, that the mass of waves around me is my hair. He comes up tentatively and touches it in the back. I ask for his opinion. He says it could work. I asked if it was to big. He now looks like he has swallowed bad milk and wants to spit it out but can’t. Finally he says well kinda. *sigh*

At some point in the night, I start getting ready for bed. I am standing in my bathroom. I pick up a scrunchie so I can put my hair up to wash my face. After much bunching I get the majority of my hair back there and off my face. I look in the mirror. You know. It actually looks really good up like this. Ya it’s a little messy, but hey, that’s the new look now. Ya I can just wear it like this. Ya there is hair falling out everywhere and pieces sticking straight up but this looks so much better. I tell my husband this. He tells me to take the scrunchie out and step away. *sigh* It’s going to be a long week. We will see what happens tomorrow.

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