5 Reasons Why we Love Dad (from the kids)

5 Reasons Why we Love Dad (from the kids)

Originally posted 6/19/11

1. He doesn’t know the rules so you can always get away with more when he is around.

2. You get to fly with daddy. And we aren’t talking figuratively either. We mean flying through the air, onto the couch, on his feet. Whatever makes mom gasp and hold her chest like she is in pain, we love.

3. Riding on his shoulders so we actually can see in a crowd. His shoulders are the best seat in the house.

4. You always get to stay up past your bedtime. If you get playing hard enough, Dad never pays attention to the clock.

5. Dad and Saturday mornings go hand in hand. Mom would never let us sit and watch cartoons till our brains melted, but Saturday mornings are reserved just for that, in our PJ’s, on Daddy’s lap.

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