10 Signs You are Married to a Nerd

10 Signs You are Married to a Nerd

Originally posted 8/14/11

For an upcoming post I am working on. And all these things do apply to me!!

1. They think saying “Engage” when you ask if they are ready to go is the best joke ever.

2. They get really excited when they hear someone talking about “The Doctor” then get really disappointed when they realize you are actually talking about a real medical doctor.

3. The word Ferengi has come up in bed…multiple times.

4. They own more gaming systems than kitchen appliances.

5. The release of a new book by their favorite author causes them to hyperventilate. (Only if it is Scifi/fantasy of course)

6. They are convinced their baby just said something in Klingon. (for me I swore Kira said “Kapla”)

7. Final Fantasy anything, and I mean anything, is the best gift ever!!!

8. They think baby’s heartbeat in the womb sounds like a warp core.

9. They have used the phrase “I want to run a level three diagnostic” to get you in the mood.

10. They swore that the shower head sounded just like the Tardis and spent the rest of the day looking for a blue police box.

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