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Creating a real impact in your community.

For whatever conviction you have, if you do nothing with it, it has no purpose. You can be mad at the world, mad at current politics, or mad at people, but if you are unwilling to bring yourself to actually act in a positive way, nothing will change. I know this as I have all too often been angry. If you read through my old blogs, you will see that theme. And about 6 months ago, I realized that no matter how angry I got, I never actually did anything about it. So I have decided to do something about it.

My goal as the Midwest Nerd Chick is to provide a place for STEAM passionate people to share their events, businesses, community outreach opportunities, and non-profits to the City of Wichita. All while sharing what it is like to be one of those people myself and the struggles that led me here and what I am currently facing. This isn’t going to be a place of hate or rage, well hopefully not TOO much at least, but a place that you can go to when you are mad. That when you are so mad that you feel like there is no hope for humanity, come here and find that hope. Find that group, that business that needs your anger, turned to energy, to help them make that positive change you are so angry to see. So please, check out a video, read a blog post, or listen to one of my podcast. I hope it inspires you in one way or another to go out and make a change.